Live Action

Nonprofit Organization

Live Action exists to expose, inspire, and activate on behalf of the most defenseless.

Lila Rose founded Live Action when she was fifteen years old. In 2008, Live Action was legally formed as a non-partisan, non-profit organization. The group uses new media to teach the public about the humanity of the unborn and investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.

Utilizing undercover investigations, Live Action has documented rampant sexual abuse cover-up, racism, medical misinformation, the willingness to assist sex traffickers, false statements made by Planned Parenthood executives, sex-selective abortion, and infanticide. Live Action’s exposés publicize these abuses, so the whole world can see the horrors going on right in our backyards – and paid for with our tax money.

Live Action also focuses on educating youth across the country, using its student magazine, The Advocate, and in-depth education programs to spread the truth about human dignity, equal protection for all people, and the evils of the abortion industry. Live Action hosts Live Action News, a widely read pro-life news site, and oversees the largest pro-life social media platform on the web, including over 700,000 Facebook fans and over 30,000 followers on Twitter.

Shining a light on the greatest human rights abuse of our time through national media campaigns, Live Action President, Lila Rose, is a regular guest on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, The Laura Ingraham Show, as well as many other national TV and radio programs. Her work has been featured on practically every major news outlet, from CBS to CNN, from the Los Angeles Times to the Washington Post. Lila has also written for USA Today, First Things, Politico, The Hill, and others.