Freida Nipples


Freida Nipples supplies a curvaceous dose of sass and ass to any burlesque show.

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Hey folks so the very observant amongst you may have noticed that I changed my handle to freida.nipples last night. This was due to a few nasty experiences recently both irl & on the internet which really made me question my safety, in particular as someone who works in adult entertainment & who speaks out on issues that a lot of people don’t wanna accept are problems in the first place AND which may trigger their own problematic behaviours. But I’ve been having a long hard think as it just didn’t sit right with me that I should have to change the way I’m doing things (AND enjoying doing them & a lot of people reach out to me and tell me they also enjoy) because of the way that predatory men are acting. So, no, that’s not happening. However, similarly I do want to ensure my safety as much as possible and therefore I am thinking greatly about how I can go about this beyond what I already do. I have always been aware of the risks of having my ‘real’ name Sade public could bring me, however I have consciously made the decision to keep it like this as I feel that the reason I connect with a lot of womenx on here is because I am open about personal issues AND how that relates to Freida as Freida IS about that so for me it doesn’t work at this current moment to compartmentalise the two. One doesn’t exist without the other, chicken & egg scenario (😂) and I don’t feel honest without sharing both. My Instagram has NEVER been for men, it’s always been a place for me to explore & share my experiences with similarly minded creative, kind & inspiring individuals who are validating af. So as my sister said to me tonight- I cannot live in fear so here I am, Sade, Freida, a human doing her best job of smashing the patriarchy into tiny pieces. The lyrics of this clip summarise it beautifully for me, hence why this is currently my most favourite act, enjoy, stay safe & as always fuck misogyny 😊💄💪🏻 #FreidaNipples #GirlsSupportGirls
4 months ago
🌹Humans with periods appreciation post 🌹I just asked a question regarding contraception on my story and received over 20 detailed, kind and thoughtful responses within under 20 minutes! 💫 Absolutely insane. And it just makes me realise how much there is for us to share and learn about with regard to this stuff. I have DEFINITELY noticed the link between my hormones and mental health and know it is 100% time to give my body a break but never realise how many people think the same until I asked that question to you guys so thank you for making me feel so supported and if you’re a man who has never had to go through any of this shit, when you’re calling your partner ‘crazy’ or ‘pysco’ take a second to consider the fact that we have to LITERALLY ALTER THE NATUAL FLOW OF OUR BODIES and you still get the privilege of enjoying sex freely without ANY of that shit. This is not a hit to my man as he literally couldn’t be any more supportive or caring around this subject if he tried for which I am SO grateful but fuck me it angers me so much the thought of how things would be if it were men who had to go through this shit... 🌪🔥 Anyway side note I’m super excited to perform this act for @scarlettdaggers at Doctor Sketchys Nottingham tomorrow as it’s an act to me which is all about celebrating femininity which feels rather fitting! 💄 Footage from last year in Finland at @olivia_rouge ‘s show! 💋 #FreidaNipples #Feminism #Periods #Hormones #RealTalk
1 year ago