NOP Channy


សម្រាប់ការកំសាន្តអារម្មណ៍ប៉ុណ្ណោះ Just for fun only!

I’m Channy, 36 years old, married Sreyneth with two little lovely daughters (Hannah and Vanilla), came from a poor farming family of six siblings in a poorest province of Cambodia (Prey Veng), and now I am living in Phnom Penh city with my new family of four people. As a person, I am hard-working, honest, open, responsible, good-hearted, funny and friendly.

In 2002, I earned an Economics bachelor degree, majoring in Management and went on to achieve a Diploma in English. In 2011, I graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a local state university. I continue to develop professionally through various courses, workshops and conferences. I have also taught courses in English, Khmer, communications and project management.

I gained over ten years of work experience in administration, human resource management, finance, management & leadership, teaching, lecturing and other relevant fields in various organizations, schools, universities and a factory.

I have been working with Sunshine Cambodia (formerly Sunshine Centre for Children) since March 2008 as the Operations Manager. And from March 2010, I was promoted as Director of Sunshine Cambodia.

I like working with Sunshine Cambodia very much because this organization is working with children and their families who are struggling in poverty, lack of access to education, lack of chance to meet basic rights, and more venerable to be abused and exploited. Sunshine help to protect them, bring them their hopes and brighter futures. And as I am also from the poor background families are were struggling a lot in life, I would like to use my knowledge, skill, experience and resources to help those who are from similar background as mine.

My vision is to

“Try the best to use my knowledge, skills, experience, gifts, commitment, and all efforts to serve my neighbors, my community, my society, my people, my country and all the nations around the world for their better lives, just, hope, and prosperity”.

Thank you very much for your support!