Health in Motion Physical Therapy and Osteopathy Clinic - Malolos, Bulacan

Physical Therapist

This is a clinic located at the heart of Malolos City where treatment sessions are individualized and one-on-one to allow focused and personalized management by our duly licensed, accredited, and highly-trained healthcare practitioners.

๐Ÿ”†Bent & Empowered Health In Motion celebrates along the 2019 Scoliosis Awareness Month, an annual event that began in 2013 as the International Scoliosis Awareness Day launched in the United Kingdom by the Scoliosis Association. Scoliosis-management has become an integral part of our clinical practice subsequently from our very first day in 2014. We dedicate this simple video for the โ€œbent and โ€œempoweredโ€ men and women out there. As advocates for the care and education about scoliosis, we aim to promote positive personal and public awareness. If you have it, refuse to be limited by this spinal irregularity. We have witnessed patients and clients transition from being pain-sufferers to becoming the kind of athletes, cheerleaders, exercise practitioners, student leaders, flight attendants, church frontrunners, lawyers, models, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, musicians, teachers, and whatever else that they envisioned themselves to be. Take good note that our latest Miss Universe and the fastest man in the world have them, too! So refuse to believe that you can't! With the help of the appropriate professionals paired with the care and support of parents and loved ones, we believe that men and women who have this can transcend beyond their diagnosis. Perhaps the reason why scoliosis is being celebrated is because in spite of its prevalence across the globe, people who care and bearers who have become empowered are widespread, too! Watch and smile.โค๏ธ #scoliosisawarenessmonth #scoliosis #physicaltherapyforscoliosis #osteopathiccare #orthoticintervention #orthopedicconsult #functionalexercises #bracing #exercisescience
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