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Fitness Trainer

If you want to build strength, improve conditioning, lose fat and gain muscle, Training For Warriors Mahopac will deliver results. Take the Warrior Challenge today and start on your own personal fitness journey! Bring Out THe Warrior Within!

We offer so many great classes here to help you with your fitness goals. Our exclusive 8-Week Transformation is offered a couple of times a year, in addition to various challenges throughout the year.

Our year-round classes include:

Adult Strength Training
A cutting edge strength training routine designed to increase overall strength, lean muscle and burn fat. This challenging strength training program will educate on proper technique and weightlifting protocols. Our strength training program is designed for any fitness level. A proper strength training routine is essential for long term fat loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Our cardio classes are designed to burn calories and boost your metabolism. We use a variety of equipment in our cardio classes such as TRX, medicine balls, kettle bells, ropes, dumbbells and much more to give you a fun and effective way to torch fat.

Cardio Strength
Cardio exercises coupled with strength exercises in a circuit format that will build and tone lean muscle and burn more calories in less time.

Our Signature fat burning workout. Science has shown the slow long distance running is not as effective as higher intensity exercises. The hurricane uses sprinting to increase the bodies metabolic rate, torch fat and keep the body burning calories long after you have left the gym. This exciting change from your regular routine will skyrocket your ability to lose body fat, get mentally tougher and improve cardiovascular capacity.

TFW Warrior Challenges
Created to test the level of physical ability of a person and give him/her a ranking to better understand where he or she lies on the continuum of physical fitness.

Athlete Training
We’ve worked with various teams & athletes from HS to college & professional level in Mahopac, Yorktown, Somers, Katonah, North Salem, Rye, Poundridge, Bedford, Brewster, Dobbs Ferry & Yonkers. We offer small group and team training at our facility as well as an outreach program.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Walk More . 1. Walking reduces stress😩 Taking 30 minutes out of your day — especially on your lunch break to step away from your desk and the stressors of work — to go for a walk can help boost your mood and decrease daily anxieties. . 2. IT’s Easy On The Joints😄 Jogging and other forms of activity can be tough on your joints because you’re putting more pressure to the ground with each step compared to a moderate walk. walking actually “supports your joints,” Not only can it help your joints, walking can also help to tone and strengthen leg and abdominal muscles, . 3. Walking Is Social👬👭👫 While you may have to get on the trail alone from time to time, walking can also be a social occasion, either through a walking group or through getting out with like-minded people. It can also help fight off feelings of isolation and loneliness and help lift your mood. . 4. Your jeans will get a little looser👖 The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you’re currently putting in. Exactly how many calories you burn will depend on how fast you walk and how much you weigh to begin with. . You may have read that 10,000 steps per day is the ideal amount for someone looking to lose weight. This is about five miles, and will surely burn🔥 a few calories. The burn will also increase if you’re walking uphill, as it’s a more intense activity. . 5. Easy to work into your day📆 It’s not always practical to get to the gym. You might have a long journey home from work, or want to spend time with your kids in the evenings. The good thing about walking is it’s a form of exercise that you can naturally fit into your day. It could include your route to work, or you could go for a walk during your lunch hour. Rather than feel guilty about skipping your workout, try to fit around 10,000 steps into your daily routine and use walking as your another great way stay keep fit. Don’t forget to LIKE 👍🏼 and SHARE⤴️🏡Get a FREE 2-WEEK TRIAL -
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