Training For Warriors Mahopac

Fitness Trainer

If you want to build strength, improve conditioning, lose fat and gain muscle, Training For Warriors Mahopac will deliver results. Take the Warrior Challenge today and start on your own personal fitness journey! Bring Out THe Warrior Within!

We offer so many great classes here to help you with your fitness goals. Our exclusive 8-Week Transformation is offered a couple of times a year, in addition to various challenges throughout the year.

Our year-round classes include:

Adult Strength Training
A cutting edge strength training routine designed to increase overall strength, lean muscle and burn fat. This challenging strength training program will educate on proper technique and weightlifting protocols. Our strength training program is designed for any fitness level. A proper strength training routine is essential for long term fat loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Our cardio classes are designed to burn calories and boost your metabolism. We use a variety of equipment in our cardio classes such as TRX, medicine balls, kettle bells, ropes, dumbbells and much more to give you a fun and effective way to torch fat.

Cardio Strength
Cardio exercises coupled with strength exercises in a circuit format that will build and tone lean muscle and burn more calories in less time.

Our Signature fat burning workout. Science has shown the slow long distance running is not as effective as higher intensity exercises. The hurricane uses sprinting to increase the bodies metabolic rate, torch fat and keep the body burning calories long after you have left the gym. This exciting change from your regular routine will skyrocket your ability to lose body fat, get mentally tougher and improve cardiovascular capacity.

TFW Warrior Challenges
Created to test the level of physical ability of a person and give him/her a ranking to better understand where he or she lies on the continuum of physical fitness.

Athlete Training
We’ve worked with various teams & athletes from HS to college & professional level in Mahopac, Yorktown, Somers, Katonah, North Salem, Rye, Poundridge, Bedford, Brewster, Dobbs Ferry & Yonkers. We offer small group and team training at our facility as well as an outreach program.