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La fuerza aérea de EUA dice: 'no es nuestro' después de que se vio un OVNI caer en Alaska - Ufos vs Ovnis US air force says 'it's not ours' after UFO seen falling to Earth in Alaska YT: AIR force bosses have intervened after an unidentified flying object was filmed seemingly plunging to Earth. In the footage, taken in Anchorage in the US state of Alaska, what looks like two plumes of black smoke are seen trailing a mysterious object. A variety of military aircraft operate out of the nearby Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, but spokeswoman Erin Eaton said the sighting was nothing to do with them. “That doesn't look like any of our planes,” she said. Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration added that the object in the video was not an aircraft, and that it hadn’t received any reports of aviation issues at the time. But some experts still think a plane is the likeliest explanation. Peter Davidson, director of the Washington-based National UFO Reporting Center, said that the video showed “a high-altitude jet airliner, with a contrail behind it”. “It is in level flight, but because it is flying away from the camera, it appears to be ‘falling,’” he wrote. “It is not, but parallax makes it look that way.” Adonus Baugh, who shot the video, was not convinced. The 18-year-old said the object looked like something coming into the atmosphere. “Me and my mom were just coming in to the parking lot of our house and that's when I noticed that something was falling from the sky,” he said. “I thought it was a meteor or something coming into the atmosphere. “I actually never saw something like this before.” Another witness, Bebe Kang, agreed. “It didn’t look like an airplane or one of those jets. It was big, super slow and red,” said Bebe. “I really just thought it might be an asteroid.” Whose is the right explanation remains a mystery. Aircraft operating out of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson include F-22 Raptor stealth fighters, C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster III transports, and E-3 Sentry AWACS command jets.
1 month ago
OVNI sobre Lubuskie Polonia - Poland UFO Ufos vs Ovnis A fines de febrero de 2019, el Sr. Marcin informó que al conducir un automóvil en la sección de Zielona Góra - Krosno Odrzanskie - Guben, vio un objeto volador que no pudo describir. En un corto tiempo el objeto se alejó mucho (Así es como se ve en las imágenes). El testigo dijo: el objeto apareció de repente en el cielo. Al principio pensé que era un drone, pero nunca había visto, ni escuché sobre uno de ellos con tales formas. Tenía una construcción inusual. Parecía un plato, exactamente como en las películas de ciencia ficción. Es difícil para mí describir lo que vi. Me cuesta aceptar que es un OVNI, pero esa es su apariencia. Después de revisar las imágenes también pude ver que no era un objeto pequeño. Ahora me pregunto, si no estamos solos en el universo? At the end of February 2019, Mr. Marcin reported that while he was driving a car in the section of Zielona Góra - Krosno Odrzanskie - Guben, he saw a flying object he could not describe. In a short time the object moved away a lot (This is how it looks in the images). The witness said: the object suddenly appeared in the sky. At first I thought it was a drone, but I had never seen, nor heard about one of them with such forms. It had an unusual construction. It looked like a plate, exactly like in science fiction movies. It is difficult for me to describe what I saw. It is hard for me to accept that it is a UFO, but that is its appearance. After checking the images I can also see that it was not a small object. Now I wonder, if we are not alone in the universe?
2 months ago