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“Temple” the word has now become quite widely used to describe a house of worship for any number of religions worldwide & “Connect” bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

“ As expressed in the meaning, the word Temple Connect – means the Epitome of belief in any form of Religion or Spiritual path , being linked or established for the creation of an Experience” .

India , the world’s largest democracy with a population over 1.25 billion people has its undivided faith on three things for ages now – The Religious Values , The Game of Life & pride - Cricket and The Great Indian Film Industry. Thus looking at the most followed trend , where globally any and every Indian follows a pedigree of his family God or Heritage – The Initiative “Temple Connect” will be the perfect platform of information created to Document , Educate, Promote, Share, Celebrate and Encourage any and every spiritual element related to the Temples , and Holy Shrines of Indian lineage.

At Temple Connect it's a privilege for our team to document various facets of Indian Devotion and Spirituality of Religions born in the Indian soil for the benefit of the mankind in India and Globally.

Temple Connect proudly presents an app which compiles the best Temple Information ,News , Information with combination of Daily Festivals, Trivia, Ancient Rituals, Infographics, Video documentaries and Celebrations at the finger tip for the benefit of one and all.

Temple Connect is a perfect dose of Indian Heritage & Culture to keep in touch with it in every way Sharing, engaging, and promoting the rich lineage of Temples of Indian Origin form India and Internationally The app provides this with up to 60 words in brief and connect you to a complete write up in Hindi and English to keep you up to date on the combination of offerings

Thus encouraging the cause and The phrase appears in Maha Upanishad in Sanskrit “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - meaning "the world is one family -

Team Temple Connect is committed to Bridge the gap between the Pilgrim and the Pilgrimage for its believers in near and far destinations. We have initiated this effort and seek your help, support and guidance to strengthen its reach through your good wishes ...together ….Globally !!

#HanumanJayanti2019 _/\_ Sleeping Hanuman at Triveni Sangam. _/\_ Hanuman ji is undoubtedly the strongest personalities in the Indian Ramayan. Hanuman temples can be located everywhere each and every village but the Sleeping Hanuman at Prayagraj is one of its kind. The history of the murthy of Shri Bade Hanumanji, situated at the Sangam Kshetra of Prayag is very unique. The internal story connected with the history of the idol is like this. In the city of Kannauj a very rich but issueless trader was living. He had a great storage of money and material and had all the enjoyments of life; But unfortunately that trader had no issue. This trader went towards the hills of Vindhychal to construct a temple of Hanuman ji to fulfil his wish of getting a son. In the chain of hills of Vindhyachal that trader had constructed a huge statue of Hanuman Ji out of stone. He decided to bathe that statue of Hanuman ji at many places of pilgrimage. While bathing this statue of Hanuman ji at various Teerthsthals, he ultimately arrived at Sangam Kshetra of Prayag. While he was taking rest in the night he dreamt that if he leaves this murthy at this holy place his all the wishes and hankerings will be fulfilled. At the dawn of the day he decided to work on the lines of the previous night dream. Thus leaving that murthy at Prayag Kshetra that rich trader left for his city Kannauj. As the time passed that rich trader got a son born to his wife by the kindness of Shri Bade Hanuman ji and all his wishes were also fulfilled. After some time that huge murthy of Shri Bade Hanuman Ji remained submerged in the waters and got stucked under the sands. After some time a pinancing Mahatma Ji cladded with Vyaghracharma arrived at Sangam Kshetra in the holy month of Magha to have a pious dip in Triveni. The name of that pinancing Mahatma cladded with Vyaghracharma was Balagiri. Fortunately on one day when that pinancing Mahatma was piercing his Trishul in the sand to form his Dhooine, he got some inkling of that huge Shri Vigrah. That pinancing Mahatma Balgiri started to remove soil and sand from that place. He got at that place the Shri Vighrah of Shri Bade Hanumanji. After purifying that Shri Vighrah that pinancing Mahatama had it situated at that very place and started to meditating upon Shri Bade Hanumanji. The nearby people were very much impressed by the sacred influence of that pinancing Mahatma Shri Balagiri and the fame of Shri Bade Hanuman ji started to extend for and wide very rapidly. || Sri Anjaneyam || #TempleConnect #BadeHanhmanji #Prayagraj #TriveniSangam #LordHanuman #Hanuman #HanumanJayanti #Anjaneya #AnjaneyaSwamy #Maruti #JaiBajrangbali #JaiVajrangBali #Hanuma #JaiShriRam #HanumanTemple #HinduTemple #UtterPradesh #Hinduism www.templeconnect.com Your Devotional Connect Online.
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